Our Mission

We seek to support, encourage, and train those bringing the gospel to people living in multi-housing communities. We do this by providing a network where people and ministries can access training materials and connect with others doing multi-housing ministry to share stories, ask questions, and build community.

What do we mean by

multi-housing ministry?

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Mission 98 originated as the multi-housing ministry of Bear Valley Church in 2001. At the time, a small group organized community-building activities in a nearby apartment complex. The ministry soon became a larger team committed to serving apartment, mobile home, and motel communities.

As local apartment managers began to hear about what the team was doing, they were invited into new communities, and the owner of one condominium complex even donated an apartment to use as an on-site church.

In 2018 the multi-housing ministry became a 501(c)(3) organization and was named Mission 98 to reflect our desire to bring church to the 98% of multi-housing residents who do not currently have a church home.

In early 2023, a series of events indicated that God was moving us toward something new. As we began to follow God’s prompting and dream about how to reach more people, we began to develop the idea for a nationwide network supporting those involved in multi-housing ministry. We wanted to create a space where people could learn and grow. A space new ministries could be born from and established ministries could expand their reach, all with the goal of reaching more people in multi-housing communities.

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What is Multi-housing Ministry?